Selecting a Healthy First Food for Your Baby

three jars of vegetables puree as baby food
three jars of vegetables puree as baby food

Selecting a Healthy First Food for Your Baby: How to Do It Are you feeling unsure of when you should start to feed your baby with solids and what foods are ideal? At age six months, your baby can start the journey to solid foods. However, there are some babies who might be ready earlier than this. It is important, however, to stress out at this point of time that it is not recommended for a baby to take in solid foods before his fourth month. Starting solids is a very essential milestone for a mother and her baby. And, picking the correct kind of solid food has a great bearing to the continuous development of the child. What you can find below are a few of the best recommended foods for your baby. IRON-ENRICHED RICE CEREAL IS AN IDEAL BABY FIRST FOOD
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An iron-enriched rice cereal is by far among the most ideal first foods that you can feed to your baby. Rice is a good option because it is not the least allergenic out of all cereals. The other benefit of giving your child an iron-enriched rice cereal is because it is free from added sugar, salt and several other additives or preservatives. Regular adult cereals will not make an ideal baby first food. It’s because it does not enough iron and has more amount of sugar and salt. More than that, they may contain more fiber. This makes them a “no” for infants.
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Although there are so many other foods that your baby can enjoy, an iron-enriched rice cereal is still the best iron source. It must be a primary food of your child for his first eighteen months. The market is bombarded with a wide gamut of options when it comes to cereals. It is important that you take time to check the label in order to be sure you are buying one that is rich in iron. IMPORTANCE OF IRON, Iron is a highly essential nutrient for babies. Iron is highly needed in a child’s proper brain development as well as in infection prevention. It is also essential in making healthy blood cells.

In addition to that, it helps transport oxygen around the money. Although an infant has a stock of iron in the body, the same dwindles when he grows older. An infant formula or breast milk might have an iron content but it is not an ample source for this nutrient, particularly for those babies who are older than six months. It is always a big challenge for parents to determine the best and the right foods to give to their children. This is even more challenging if you are just starting to give solids to your child. Use the tips provided in this article to determine which foods are right for your baby in his infancy.