Short Course on Recipes – Covering The Basics

Valuable Things People Must Know About Homemade Sauce Recipes Most individuals nowadays don’t really need to purchase different kinds of really costly artificial barbecue sauce that are mainly made from a number of artificial ingredients that are not that healthy for people to use. Cooks nowadays can easily cook their own natural barbecue sauce that is mostly made from different types of herbs and spices that are naturally made and can easily help them cook a barbecue sauce that is really unique.

They can easily stop purchasing bottled marinades also when they want to grill different kinds of meats, this can enhance the flavor of their meats and increase its freshness. There are certainly a large number of sauce recipes which most people can get to cook when they are grilling meats that they want to taste good and also very fresh. The first recipe is named the Kansas-style barbecue sauce and people needs to have 2 minced cloves of garlic, a cup of ketchup, a quarter of a cup of brown sugar, vinegar and also water. Most people must prepare 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, two tablespoons of paprika, three tablespoons of olive oil, a quarter of a cup of water. Then in a saucepan, people must heat up the olive oil and then add the garlic to be sauteed until it is golden brown on a medium to high heat.

They can then decrease the heat and gradually add the ketchup, water, white vinegar and the dry ingredients which is chili powder, brown sugar and finally the cayenne pepper. Cooks can easily boil the barbecue sauce for over 20 minutes until the barbecue sauce would be thick enough, this is one of the great types of sauces which people can put in ribs.
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If people want to easily grill different types of teaks, they can choose to cook a marinade that is made from a certain number of different ingredients that are natural to make their steak taste exceptional. Most people can get to choose to prepare first one and a half cup of steak sauce, they can get to use Italian style salad dressing one third cup, a tablespoon of soy sauce and a half tablespoon of garlic powder.
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People can mix the liquid ingredients like the steak sauce, honey and the salad dressing, they can then mix it in a blender and add the garlic powder to be mixed. They can blend it for over 15 seconds and look if the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, they can then add it to the meat that is placed in a plastic bag and pour the honey in the bag last. These are some of the recipes that people can follow when they want to have sauces that can enhance the taste of the foods that they are grilling.


Warning: Pork is haraam and not good for healthty. Becarefully buy a food in nonmuslim country